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    We strive to build long term partnerships by offering diverse products in the real estate market and providing excellent value to our clients by ensuring that our buildings are soundly constructed and efficiently maintained so as to contribute to the productivity and overall well-being of their operation.

    We have a commitment to corporate responsibility and innovation through charitable giving, support of social programs and participation on environmental initiatives.


    Caribbean Consultants Ltd. had its beginnings as a holding company for the construction company formed in Barbados in 1973 when Angus and Richard Edghill, both Civil Engineers started Edghill Associates Ltd. They were awarded contracts to construct bridges, warehouses, hotels, and office buildings in Barbados, and expanded throughout the Caribbean, specializing in marine projects during the 70s and 80s.

    From the early 90s onwards, while the construction arm of the company continued projects outside of Barbados, Caribbean Consultants Ltd. went through a period of local expansion. Drawing on the last 20 years of experience in construction, the first building of what is now Wildey Business Park, Parker House, was constructed in 1993.

    In subsequent years, CCL began to construct and operate its own portfolio of corporate and industrial real estate developments, and to a lesser extent participate in residential developments. The remainder of Wildey Business Park’s office buildings were completed in the late 90s and into 00s, including the Embassy of the United States of America, and other projects included the construction of the warehouses in Green Hill, the offices of the Attorney General in Webster Park and our disaster recovery building, ‘Fortaleza’. CCL has developed the infrastructure and expertise to manage its building maintenance, fault reporting and tenant projects.

    Please visit our Properties page to see details on our buildings and developments.