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    Cedar Court is a 3 storey steel framed reinforced concrete building with a lower ground floor.   It houses off-shore banks and insurance companies. The building has an elevator, a 12-hour security guard, back-up generators for emergency power and a backup water supply.  It is equipped with hurricane resistant glass windows.
    The building consists of three floors, 3,511.3 sq ft of net rentable office space and a basement area ideal for on-site archival storage with delivery access of 2,400 sq ft. The interior is finished to a high quality standard. The building is of hurricane resistant construction with an energy efficient insulated concrete roof.   The site is 22,000 sq ft of land, with open parking for 50 vehicles.  There is a back-up generator and potable water system.  The building is air-conditioned with a ventilation system.
    The building was constructed with several features, which will make it ideal as a disaster recovery facility in case of a hurricane, or other natural disaster:


    • Hurricane resistant construction of reinforced concrete, with a concrete roof
    • Hurricane resistant windows, doors & shutters.
    • Underground utilities
    • An elevated site with close proximity to main commercial areas (Warrens, Wildey, etc)
    • Emergency water storage for 2,400 gallons of potable water to supply the kitchen faucet and bathroom taps (toilets, laundry and shower will be fed by 24,000gallon rain water storage.)
    • Emergency power supplied by a 220 kVA generator with 1,000 gallon diesel storage tank. (Sufficient power and water for up to approximately 2 weeks.)