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    Caribbean Consultants Limited works closely with Megapower Limited in promoting green office solutions and facilities, specifically promoting the transition to e-mobility.

    Megapower was registered under the Company’s Act of Barbados on February 19th 2013, by Joanna Edghill and Simon Richards who are Megapower’s Managing Directors. The company was subsequently incorporated on 26th July 2013.

    To date the company has installed and commissioned over 70 electric vehicle (EV) charging points (both residential and commercial) and there are now over 100 electric vehicles on the road in Barbados, 70% of which have been sold and maintained by Megapower.

    Megapower offers the following products and services:


    • Design, erect and commission of solar carports – Megapower has designed a modular solar carport, which is Category 3 Hurricane rated, upgradable to Category 5.  Megapower’s concept is for all of the power required for EVs to be net offset by a network of solar installations island wide.
    • Corporate fleet vehicle analysis – through vehicle and charger loggers and feasibility analysis of swapping existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs
    • Electric Vehicle Specialist Garage – full suite of garage services, from sale of EVs (specialising in Nissan LEAF and Nissan ENV200) to aftercare, parts, maintenance and repair
    • Sale of commercial and domestic Electric Vehicle Charging Units – 10amp 220V – 32amp 400V chargers; triple-standard rapid chargers
    • Installation, commissioning and software management of EV Charging Unit Network
    • Consultancy services and certified training on EV repair and replacement (International Motoring Institute).